April 28, 2006

Say NO to polythene bags; Get 5% discount

(Courtesy:Google Earth)

When I went home (India) a month ago, I visited a small departmental story (a tiny Woolworths or Coles) in my hometown, Kallakurichi. It is a small, business town having a population of 3 lakhs (Yes, 0.3 million. And our state Tamil Nadu's population is 63 million).

I usually do not go shopping empty-handed. I am not obsessed with polythene bags which are difficult to decompose, so, I carry a bag whenever possible.

After finished purchasing, I moved to the cash counter to pay. The person at the cash register asked me if I need bags to pack all the items purchased. To which I said, I have got my own bags to carry them.

He told me it is the policy of that shop to discourage the use of polythene bags. If you bring your own bags, you will get a 5 percent discount in the total amount which I need to pay. What a good policy, I thought.

Obviously, it is a cost-cut measure for that tiny shop. And, it is also friendly to the environment. I am thinking if this can be adopted by big boys like Woolworths and Coles, we could drastically reduce the consumption of polythene bags in few weeks.

Are you listening, Woolworths?

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