February 5, 2006

Shane Warne on a spin!

(Pic: http://www.pantonhillfc.com)

This happened during the famous 3rd test match of recent West Indies-Australia Test series. While Brian Lara made a double hundred, Shane approaching a milestone for the bowler who took highest number of wickets in a calendar year (He achieved later against South Africa), it was a memorable match.

While these were happening, an Indian Student who is not interested in Cricket (Strangely, he is from India!) goes to deliver a Pizza to a customer who was staying at Hyatt.

Indian Boy (Knocks the door): Pizza!

Shane Warne (Open the door): Come in, mate!

The boy not realising the great spinner, thinks to himself, 'No one will call a pizza delivery man into a hotel room. He seems to be a nice man' and enter the room. Shane was searching for his wallet. Our boy looks around the room to find some cricket bats, pads and a sports kit.

Boy: Are you a Cricketer?

Shane: Ya..mate! (Still searching for the wallet!)

Boy: Are you a batsman or a bowler?

Shane (chuckles): Bowler..can bat sometimes!

Boy : Whats your name?

Shane (smiles): Shane.

Shane gives the money with a 5 dollar tip and wishes him a good luck for studies.

He came and told us that he met a bowler named Shane.

Everyone looked at him..(then almost beat him to death)

"WHAAAAT, you met Shane Warne?".
'Don't you know Shane Warne?',
'You moron, haven't you seen his pictures before?',
'Hell man, why didn't I get the chance',
'It always happen like this!',
'What a chance you had missed out?'
'Why didnt you get his signature, you dumbo?'
'Thank God, you didn't say him that you are from INDIA - he would've jumped out of the window if you had!'
- the reactions kept pouring in from all corners. Still, we tease him by calling 'The Man who grounded Shane Warne'

He is holding the receipt which has Shane's mobile number (a fancy!). Now he regrets for not getting a signature! I said to him, 'Dont worry my boy, you will bump into Ricky Ponting next time!'


('By the way, I have secured a ticket for Feb 10the match (first final). Hope to catch you there!')

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