February 11, 2006

The Match of Run-Outs

(Pic:Cricinfo, Getty Images)
Five run-outs. Australia? So much confusion in the middle. It was the day when Australian players took off from their routines.

It was a good match to watch on the ground. I was shivering in the winds, though.

So, here are my (little) observations:

  • Usually in Indian subcontinent, the toss will precede the match by at least an hour. Here, the coin was tossed just 15 minutes before the game.
  • Brett Lee was the one who appeared first, on the ground before anyone came in, sincerely practicing his thunderbolts. He went wicketeless, unfortunate.
  • The srilankan innings was dragging until last 6 or 7 overs which produced some stunning shots for boundaries and sixes.
  • Simon Clarke made justice for his selection as Super Sub and took a stunning return catch to dismiss Jayawardene.
  • Half of the srilankan players were looking like school boys, coming down the track to hit Symonds, Hogg, Lee.
  • During the break, Muttiah Muralitharan came in first ahead of his mates to practice his bowling.
  • Ponting was the first one to got run-out, without facing a ball. Diamond Duck!
  • I thought Symonds could bat through - but he got out needlessly coming down to Murali.
  • Brett Lee was instructed to bat cautiously until final overs. So, he didn't swing his bat at all.
  • The match was swinging both ways in the later parts
  • The crowd attendance was little over 23,000 where as in India that would be at least 50,000 on any day in a test match or one-dayer!
Ok, contrary to the usual 2-0 victories, Australia may take this series to a 3-1 victory, I guess.

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