February 18, 2006

Bonding with James Bond!

The action has begun officially. James Bond's Casino Royale is going to be relased in November, 2006.

DANIEL CRAIG (pic by Sony) is named as newest James Bond after Brosnan. News links about his lady love and villain.

The first James Bond whom I watched was Pierce Brosnan! I believed no other man can fit in that role until I saw Sean Connery. After seeing Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough I started watching the old movies.

It took me more than a month to search and see all those 20 movies (have you seen Octopussy which was filmed in India?), the latest one being Die Another Day (The chase sequence in which Bond escapes the melting of snow and skating on sea ice..Amazing heroism!).

Casino Royale was the first story written by Ian Fleming and it features youthful life of the British Spy.

Recently, I saw a 1967 film of that story (which was filmed not by MGM!) - it is NOT worth a movie at all.

Long live James Bond!

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