December 11, 2005

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

I always enjoy reading Deepak Chopra's books,

This is a summary of his book Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

There are seven of these, work with one for each day of the week.

1.) Potentiality:

a.) Meditate 30 minutes morning and evening every day.
b.) Commune with nature and witness the intelligence in every living thing.
c.) Practice non-judgment.

2.) Giving:

a.) Give a gift to everyone you meet.
b.) Be aware of the gifts that you receive.
c.) Silently wish every person happiness, joy, laughter and peace.

3.) Cause and Effect:

a.) Witness the choices that you are making in the present moment.
b.) Examine the consequences on yourself as well as others.
c.) Ask your heart for guidance.

4.) Least Effort:

a.) Accept the moment, don't resist what is.
b.) Take responsibility for the situation.
c.) Do not be attached to your point of view, remain open to other views.

5.) Intention and Desire:

a.) Make a list of desires.
b.) Release the list of desires to creation, remain willing to accept something better.
c.) Accept the present as-is.

6.) Detachment:

a.) Allow yourself, those around you, and the situation to be as they are.
b.) Accept uncertainty and allow solutions to arise out of chaos.
c.) Remain open to all possible outcomes.

7.) Purpose in Life:

a.) Pay attention to the still voice in your heart.
b.) Make a list of talents and find ways to use them to serve others.
c.) Ask "How can I help?", "How can I serve?".

You can buy this book here.

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