December 20, 2005

Engineers make this world!

Did you know?
The word engineer is the modern word for the Latin term ingeniator, which describes one who contrives, designs or invents. It comes from the word ingenium, which means natural talent or genius . From this we also derive the word ingenious, meaning skilful - a talent for invention or construction.

To engineer literally means 'to make things happen'. Engineering know how converts science knowledge into technology; then turns technology into successful innovation. So, engineering is about making real and useful things for the occupants of planet Earth (and maybe other worlds in the not too distant future!)

Dr Dan Turner, when he was President of the American Society of Civil Engineers, said:

"The American life span has extended by 40 years in the past 100 years: by 3 years due to medical advances and by 37 years due to engineering advances. These advances to public well-being through good engineering were achieved by:
- provision of clean water (Civil Engineering)
- removal of wastes (Civil & Resource Engineering)
- upgrade of human living space (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering)
- upgrade of food supplies (Agricultural, Chemical, Electrical Engineering)."

Courtesy: Institution of Engineers Australia

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