November 26, 2005

Google:Looking Closer

Google Week – Few weeks ago, I compiled a bunch of articles on Google. In case, if you had missed, here are they!               

Once upon a time – How did the 'G' story start?

The Search is On – Two students came together to create a search!         

Google Trivia! – Some interesting one-liners about Google                      

Did Google founders see a future? – Did they foresee?       

10 Lessons from Google! – What philosophies drive Google?       

Google: Faster & Richer – A current look at their economy.      

They said, what? – Competition speaks

Talks from Google – What they say from inside?          

Google Glossary – Do you know what is a 'Google Whack'?       

Things we didn't know about Google – Little known things about Google          

Who is next Google? – Who is going to be the next search giant?

How to kill Google? – Well, assuming they are going to be an industry, can anybody beat Google in their own game?

Compiled from Wired Magazine, CNN, Google and other news magazines.

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