October 13, 2005

Great Team vs. Great Individuals!

Jacques Kallis exits as Australia celebrate, Australia v World XI, 2nd ODI, Super Series, Melbourne, October 7, 2005

Courtesy: Cricinfo, Getty Images

The world looks upside down. Rest of the World (ROW) XI is down under. Australia literally on top of this Planet as far as Cricket is concerned. (Enough Blabbering, Let’s come down to business!)

Here are my observations:
1. No matter how great the players are, you can’t build a great team (ROW) with them in few days.

2. ROW Players from same nationality seemed to have worked in tandem. For instance, Sangakkara takes a stunning catch off Murali (3nd Match, Symond’s dismissal), whereas he missed an easy one off Daniel Vettori.

3. ROW Players took pride in their own achievements not necessarily about the team’s. Lara went for his own shots and never played for the team. (Team, what?)

4. There were few occasions (excitements) when the Rest of World players admired and complimented each other and enjoyed playing side-by-side.

5. Finally, in the 3rd and final ODI, Mike Hussey showed the ‘missing element’ in the Rest of World team. Commitment for team’s cause!

Now, time for the Super-Test. I bet the match won’t last for six days (If Australia bat for 3 or 4 days, it may!).

So, what do you think?


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