September 27, 2005



When Bill Gates was in sixth grade, he was at war with his mother Mary.

She would call him to dinner from his basement bedroom, which she had given up trying to make him clean and he wouldn't respond. "What are you doing?"she once demanded over the intercom. "I'm thinking," he shouted back.

"You're thinking?"

"Yes, Mom I'm thinking," he said fiercely.
"Have you ever tried thinking?"

So a psychiatrist took over and after a year of sessions and batteries of tests, the counsellor reached his conclusion.

"You're going to lose" he told Mary. "You had better just adjust to it because there is no use trying to beat him."
A lot of computer companies have concluded the same.
In the 21 years since he dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft, William Henry Gates III, 41, has trashed competitors in the world of desktop operating systems and application software. In the process he has amassed a fortune of $ 51 billions as per the Forbes magazine report a few days ago.

So, Think!

(Today, Bill Gates donates
$ 40 million to Lakeside School where he completed his studies in 1973.)


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