September 1, 2005

Blog Day!

Thanks to Sendhil for posting this. I often read some new blogs wondered some people start off very nice.

But, I dont often bookmark a blog! So, I list here some blogs which I consider good enough. And, you can also see my lists of 'Friends Blogs' and 'Blogs I like' at My MSN Space.

I dont write much about myself here in this space (I am willing to start posting in the near future!!), so, I like to read about blogs which are like personal diaries ..

So, here's my list:

1. Void: Puja from Bangalore writes one post per week. Well enough to read till next one is posted. Makes a good read!

2.Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things: It is hard to believe it's a blog. The story of "Success of blogs" will never miss this blog. It's almost like a media webpage!

3.Suvadu: A blog in Tamil. I read it because it is so funny and down-to-earth.

4.Chromasia: I am thinking of starting a photo blog for a long time. Some inspiration come from this one.

5. G'day Mate: For a change, see a blog from the other side of the planet. This australian blogger's blog has crossed 1.5 lakhs viewership since it's inception.

Good on you!

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