August 4, 2005

Timeless, Priceless!

Courtesy: Gertie Huddleston, "Roper River Landscape Dusk, 1997 - Flinders Art Gallery

I have been to an art gallery which showcased paintings, crafts made by Australaian native people. You can see the depth and variety of colours, they use in their creations. The environs, they live , on the contrary is mostly monotonous, dull (for us!) desert land.

I noted a similar trend in Rajasthan, where people express all the colours in the dress they weave, paintings they create, even on the house doors! Simply colourful. Obviously to beat the monotony!

"Australian Aboriginal art is the oldest living
art tradition in the world, with paintings in
rock shelters dating back 20,000 years.

The art includes naturalistic paintings of
human, plant and animal figures, as well as
non-naturalistic, or "abstract" designs with
concentric circles, "u" shapes, and lines."

I bought two mini-paintings (Another picture here!) for my collection.
Would love to visit central parts of Australia,
where the creators live!

Text Courtesy Aboriginal Fine Arts Gallery

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