August 10, 2005

Sachin, Always!

I like reading blogs than writing one (it's easy!). So, I came across a blog by Meenaks. Incidentally, I rate this innings of Tendulkar as his best - despite the criticisms like 'he didn't finish the job, as usual!'

Who cares.. he is always Sachin Tendulkar!

Courtesy: A. Muralidharan,Cricinfo

"Let me say one thing first. Both knocks that I have picked out here are matches which India ultimately lost. But that is the beauty. If our cricket God can make our losses appear so sweet, there is no doubt how great he can make our victories appear..!!

The best Test knock: 1998-1999, 1st Test, vs Pakistan, M A Chidambaram Stadium, 136 in second innings

Four days of intense, exciting cricket on a pitch full of pace, bounce and turn. India took a narrow 16 run lead in the first innings. Pakistan make 286 in the second setting India a victory target of 271. Indian reply begins shakily (VVS Laxman 0, S. Ramesh 5) and then proceeds to become worse (Dravid 10, Azhar and Ganguly out early). India is 82 for 5, down and almost out. Then, Tendulkar happened.

Stunning range of strokeplay that helps him tame pace and spin quite effortlessly. He excelled in both defense and attack. But alas, all good things come to an end. This time, quite early. When he was out for 136, the Indian team total was 217 for 6, a small indication of his monumental contribution.

Well.. the Chennai match is remembered for the victory lap taken by Pakistanis, heartily cheered by the Chennai crowd (the best in the world) but I remember the match for the sight of Tendulkar walking back to the pitch, head bowed down in despair, but proud of having fought like a champion.

On the back of his shirt, we see a red slash. An injury aggravated. The doctor had advised him not to play that day..!!"

And in the comments section for this post, a person named filbert had said "India had made just 6 runs before sachin came into the crease and they made exaclty 5 runs after he departed!!"

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