August 21, 2005

One Minute Movies!

Pic courtesy:BBC Film Network

While I was searching for a short movie clip, I came across this BBC's webpage - which lists short films of duration 1 minute or less.
As usual, I fished for a Indian 'film maker'. I found A. Kamalakkannan, who has directed 3 such films. I found 2 (Population Dynamics, The Wish) of the three movies very interesting as their themes are so 'original and brilliant'.
Population Dynamics is a classic - which subtly embeds Malthus principle! (population will grow in geometrical rate i.e., 2, 4, 8, 16 ...etc)
The Wish - is equally good, tells the power of faith among a sect of people(Hindus)
So, got a mobile phone camera? Instead of shooting some cheap movies, people can show their creativity!!
All you have got is One Minute!

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