July 2, 2005

What Don't We Know?: 125 Questions

(Pic: Science Magazine)

If you are bored this weekend about how to spend time alone (or in a group) this post is for you! Science journal has ranked the 125 most compelling scientific questions for the human kind. Each one will stimulate your thinking, I bet.

Some are just mind-boggling (What Is the Universe Made Of?), some are interesting (Are we alone in the Universe, How and where from life arise?) and some are too big (Do Deeper Principles Underlie Quantum Uncertainty and Nonlocality?) for a common mind like me.

Here’s my top 10(comments are mine):

10. How do planets form? – so we can create a planet in an artificial way
09. Is there--or was there--life elsewhere in the solar system? –
will they communicate (or can we understand them?)
08. How do organs and whole organisms know when to stop growing? –
may be we can ‘induce’ short people to grow tall!
07. What Can Replace Cheap Oil -- and When? –
Another most pressing / annoying envieonmental issue
06. What are the limits of learning by machines? –
is there a possibility of creating a ‘Digital Einstein’ to solve the remaining mysteries?
05. Can we prevent extinction? – can this planet be a permanent home for the humankind?
04. What gave rise to modern human behaviour? –
how do we learn culture, is there a message transferred by your genes?
03. How will ecosystems respond to global warming? –
on the contrary we may ‘evolve’ to live in the future ecosystem
02. How long we can live? –
100? 200? forever?
01. Is an Effective HIV Vaccine Feasible? – i
mmediate and most demanding one.

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