July 20, 2005

The Lord of the Kings!

Courtesy: Indiatimes.Com

Read this story on Indiatimes (Times of India, New Delhi edition!) that bollywood producer Bobby Bedi is planning to make the epic Mahabhrata into a trilogy on the lines of "The Lord of the Rings".

Well, having watched the trilogy again for the 9th time (this weekend recently) I am afraid to hear the news.

I have no grudges towards bollywood filmmakers (although, they strive hard to make 98% of movies non-digestable, bombers at the box-office!). But, the sheer passion that went into the Peter Jackson's work is beyond measurable. He spent 8 years on the project.

Here are the consolations.
Director: Mani Ratnam.
Script: Girish Karnad
Cast: Sharuk khan, Aamir khan (surprise, surprise, both khans!)
Rani Mukherji (Who else, Draupathi)

The dream looks magnificient. I hope the movie comes out like that!

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