July 31, 2005

How to think Creatively?

Dave Pollard, in his blog "How to Save the World " lists twelve exercises to train your mind to think creatively!

I just give you the points (and my comments!), for details you know where to go!

  1. Meditation: Dont try to force your mind to sit idle. Just follow your thoughts.
  2. Reconnect With Your Senses: Close your eyes and smell things; touch and feel things to guess what is that!
  3. Reconnect With Your Intuition: This has worked humpty number of times.
  4. Analogies and Metaphors: Metaphors are more than words. They can break or make a situation. Careful with the right kind of metaphors.
  5. Conversations and Interviews: Share your thoughts. Ask questions. Listen.
  6. Synthesis, Distillation and Restatement: Try to redefine the problem. Erase all your thoughts. Imagine you are an alien coming up to earth and starting to discover everything!
  7. Reading (and Writing) Fiction: Read. Write or at least Think. Never restrict your mind.
  8. Psychoactive and Other Drugs: I don’t advise this. Unless you know ‘where the point of return is’
  9. Learning a New Language: Works best.
  10. Learning Something Outside Your Comfort Zone: Try Piano, try poem writing (Don’t show them!)
  11. Do Impulsive and Serendipitous Things: Switch off the TV. Walk. Count the dogs coming on the opposite way (leave the human beings!)
  12. Collaboration: Try connecting different things. Walkman and a Bird. Women and Mars!


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