July 17, 2005

Finding Home!

Last week, I was searching for a home in the city (decided to move to city!). I called few people who advertised for want of housemates.

One day, I went to see a house for which a lady (owner?) had arranged an inspection. To my surprise, she was not lady; she was a girl in her twenties. She is an aussie girl, who is studying (and working as well). She told her boyfriend has moved out last week and she is searching for a housemate. Over to the conversation….

She:First, a couple of quick questions!
Me: Yes!

She: Do you smoke?
Me: No

She: Are you scared of dogs?
Me: No (Noticing a black dog which is tied behind the doors!)

She: Do you have girl friend?
Me: (what question is this?) Well, I have been here for just 4 months.. (what answer is this?..I am from India…Errr…

She: Oh.. India? Then ‘Namaste’ (She bows her head and says ‘Namaste’ with both hands!’)

She (again): oh, well your girl friends are in India?

Me: No, I don’t have girl friends (what she would think if I say, I dont have ‘girlfriends’.. To stop her asking next question, ‘Are you a gay then?’ I put next question)

Me (again): Which is the bathroom?
She: (shows her room open and points towards an attached bathroom!) There is another bathroom out there. if this is occupied!

She: any other questions. you would like to ask..

Me: No, the rent $95 is too high for my budget, any way, I would think over that. Thanks!

Walking back to the bus stop, I thought for a while. I guess she is straightforward and clear in her thoughts. She speaks what she thinks. Whereas I am conditioned to think everything, and speak only filtered things (which others would like to hear?). I was acting like a ‘good boy’. Am I like this or everyone (an Indian) is like this? What stops me? Still searching for the answers…

I still remember her quick “Namaste!” when I said “India”. Good girl!

(By the way, I got a home in the city and will be moving in!)

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