June 20, 2005

What's wrong?

I thought I would skip the Bangladesh match thinking it would be a walk-over for Australia. How wrong I was. I told my room-mate (Research Room) that 'See you on Monday with two Australian wins..hopefully!"

Seeing Australia in the middle ..I could not believe my eyes..They exhibited no dominance in the field..whether it is batting or bowling..It happens for everyone..and for all the reasons.. the Australian media is tearing Ricky Ponting and his teammates complacency. The people whom I met showed no interest towards the 20-20 defeat, but the Bangladesh victory came as a shocker. And also, the personal stories of Shane Warne and Andrew Symonds made to the front pages. My PhD Australian mate told, 'something terribly wrong with the guys..!" shaking his heads!

I still believe that these results wont affect the outcome of the Ashes series. I would bet on Ricky!

Mmm..Everything which goes up..must come down or what?


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