June 11, 2005

Watching a Movie:Aussie style

Australians like to go outdoors. So, watching movie is not in their list of past time activities. Yet, there are lot of theatres in Adelaide.

There is a multiplex called 'Greater Union' where even Hindi movies (Now, Amitabh's Waqt) get released. They run for daily 2 shows for more than a week.

On Tuesdays, the movie tickets are reduced half. So, instead of 10 dollars you need to pay 5 dollars only.

I have not been to a regular movie yet (except the special Chandramukhi). I would like to see 'War of the World', obviously on a Tuesday.

Mostly, the US top 10 movies run good in Australia too. Same like India, most of the UK top 10 movies never get released here.

The recent Australian thriller has done good business all over the world is the film "SAW". Two men wake up in a windowless bathroom. They share it with the corpse of a man holding a gun. The men, each equipped with a saw, are at the mercy of the moralistic jigsaw killer. They have 8 hours for one to kill the other or both will die.

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