June 3, 2005

Ten Worst Corporations of 2004

Mutlinational Monitor is an international watchdog magazine - which monitors what the MNCs are doing in the dark.

So, it listed 10 worst corporations of 2004 and reasons also! Makes it a good read!

In the campaign "Killer Coke.org" against the Coca Cola firm, not strangely our Indian agitation (This is the recent one, allegedly the Coke firm, near Waranasi, misuses the groundwater leaving the surrounding wells dry!) has also caught my attention. And only Columbia and India are prominent in the 'Anti-Coke' campaign!!

Against this killercoke.org, Coca Cola, itself has come up with another website http://cokekills.org/ which redirects you to http://www.cokefacts.org/ telling all the 'good things' the MNC is doing and answers some questions. You will find here, another Indian story about this firm establishing State-of-the-Art Rainwater Harvesting Facilities in Kerala!

What do you say? Coke or Nope?

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