June 25, 2005

Plunge into Blue Ocean!

(Pic. Courtesy: http://www.blueoceanstrategy.com)

Who thought that e-mail will be the communication tool of the future?

Who thought that a search box would lead a multi-billion dollar industry?

It is very astonishing. We stop and wonder how did these guys figure out the future. We astonish where the market was for such tools just four years back? Looking back, no one would have played with the idea of Hotmail or Google!

That is what the blue ocean strategy talks about.Kim & Mauborgne talks in their book about two kind of oceans (markets). The red ocean is the existing market - you have to sweat it out to beat your competitors. The blue ocean is the future market - where you would create the demand, create the market, form your own rules and establish your own kingdom. For Example, Google!

The only catch is you need to create a blue ocean which expands day-by-day. Once, you figure it out, You will be the King! More here...

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