June 14, 2005

Philippines friends

On any given Sunday, you could spot me in the market purchasing lots of fruits (as much as I can carry!) and vegetables.

One such day, I was waiting for the bus. There were a group of women who were talking in some language, asked me how much is the oranges (I usually buy 10 kg bag, it costs very cheap – I use it for 2 weeks). I told them 4 dollars.

One woman showed me different kind of fruit and said she paid 2 dollar for 1 kilo. I said my 'buy more, save more' logic. Another woman asked me if I could exchange one orange with that fruit. I gave them oranges and said 'no' to the fruit what they had (it is another kind of citrus fruit, they had). They told 'oh, you are nice, we become friends etc'.

Later, they told they are teachers from Philippines and visiting Adelaide for an exchange-training program. They took some group photos with me. Thus, I got some friends from Philippines (they e-mailed me after reaching there). They teach me Philipino language. So, next time when we go Philipines, we need not worry about accommodation.

By the way, do you how to say Thank you in Philipino? "Salamat"

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Perceptive Girl said...


For good morning it's "Magandang Umaga" and for good evening/nigh, it is "magandang gabi" .

Keep learning.