June 20, 2005

Personalize or Perish!

Personalize your products for your customers..or else get perished. If you dont believe me, just Google for Mass Customisation.

Be it KFC Meal or Software or your Jeans or for that matter a Cartoon! Customize, Make your customers not only happy, but elevate them to an state of ecstasy! Show them, your firm is making things for each one of them.

Certainly, I would be happy if my shirt fits exactly to me with the designs what I want. Certainly, I don't need my Start button in the lower left corner of my screen..

No, I am not a rebel to stand out in the crowd. I am unique and my desires, wishes are unique. I have the right to remain the way I want.

It's also not a laughing stock..Think of 'Personalized Medicine'.. Your medicine will be made to suit your body and health conditions.

Generalization is for insects..Personalize..!

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