June 10, 2005

My Glenelg Trip

'After 60 years of continuous service, Trams are going to take a short rest' – thus told newspaper advertisements. Trams connect between the city of Adelaide and a place named Glenelg (pronounced as 'lenel' – and see it is a palyndrome!). Glenelg is the place where first British settlers of South Australia set their feet in 1836. This is the place from which they proclaimed the state of south Australia. Since, the old trams are going to be stopped and will be replaced super fast, modern light rails, I decided to travel in the historic trams I went on tram and spent some time on white sandy beach collecting some pebbles and shells (couldn't resist!). Only mild, small waves in the greenish blue sea. Then, I went to a museum where I learnt some history and some interesting facts (The land for establishing the first city costed just 60 pounds!). I wanted to see the place from where the proclamation of South Australia was read. It was near unique, arch-shaped gum tree (fondly referred as 'Foundation Tree '), which is still preserved. Another observation, which I made, is many of the old people were standing on the way and taking pictures of this old tram (since, it may not run again!).

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