June 17, 2005

Irritating Humour

A couple of friends are in a bar late one night and are drunk. They start arguing. One claims that irritation, frustration and exasperation are all the same. The other says they aren't. Finally, the second one says he'll demonstrate with an example.

He dials a number and asks for Ramu, the person says grumpily 'There is no one called Ramu here and this is a hell of a time to dial the wrong number' and hangs up. This,the man tells his friend "that was irritation". He dials the number again and asks for Ramu a second time, the person on the other side screams at him about making crank calls and bangs the phone down. "This was frustration", he tells his friend.

"Now, I'll demonstrate exasperation"....he dials the same number again and says "Hello, this is Ramu, have there been any calls for me today?"

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