June 4, 2005

I love cooking

This post may surprise lot of fellow male bachelors. But, my friends know this well!!
I love cooking, because I love eating (not quantity) a variety of food.

The experiment of cooking started when I was staying in Bangalore.
Frustrated with the food stuff served in some of the hotels,
I thrown a challenge, 'At least , I can cook better than this!".

We started cooking, thankful for the other 5 guys who were guinea pigs
on whom I tested my cooking skills and learnt. 
(Don't worry about them, they are all alive and doing very well!)

We used to say whenever some new friends visit, 'You name it, We cook it" is not our motto.
Ours is 'We cook it, then We name it!'
(Most of the time, we started cooking for something..
ended up 'discovering??!!' an entirely a new food stuff!!)

Cooking is an art, it needs practice!
It takes a few trials before you hit the right mix! Then, whatever you cook, will be a good dish!
Cooking needs your full attention. (That's why woman are good at it?)
A momentary laps of concentration leave you with food which
you can't even smell (forget about eating)!

It gives satisfaction and joy, if I cook my own food and eat.

By the way, the world's best chefs are only males, aren't they?

(After long time, a personal blog!)

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Anonymous said...

Invincible work by my convenient friend.
Yes, my dear .it brings me the words Bhartheyar’s (Fire ball is placed on a small hole of the wooden tree) on my mind. Its really a mind Boggling and pencil pushing Blog. Keep firing. Have a good day.