June 8, 2005

Corby's Story

It is hard to miss these kind of headlines. I completely missed it until the judgement came ["20 YEARS IN HELL"]. I am talking about Schapelle Corby (Did I spell it right?), who had twenty-year jail sentence for allegedly importing Marijuana into Indonesia. As any crime story, no one knows the truth. You happily board a plane from Australia to spend holidays at home. The cops at the airport claim 4.1 Kg of drug from your luggage bags (Not in the cabin bag which you will carry). I would faint. Is she really guilty? Has someone planted the drugs in her bags? If so, who? Is the trial was fairly conducted? If she is guilty, why she has not got death sentence (as per Indonesian laws) and many more questions remain unanswered. Now, there is another allegation about some of the baggage handlers in Australian domestic airports that they do drug smuggling using passengers bags. That was one 'mistake', which went to Bali. Australian Government already initiated a secret enquiry.

There is only one way a passenger can be proven not guilty. During check-in, their bags are scanned. The scanned images could be recorded along with some identification (passport). In case of any inconsistency at the destination airport, this could be cross-verified. (A reader provided this idea in 'Letters to Editor' column).  One thing is sure, Australians will not prefer holidaying in Indonesia in the near future.

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