June 24, 2005

Big Brother Cut or Uncut?

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The viewership for Channel Ten increased manifold in the past weeks. Media and the citizens are making hue and cry about their children's future(?!!).

Reason: A reality show named "Big Brother:Uncut".

Though I never watched a full episode, I read from newspapers that, Big Brother is like the movie 'Truman show'!. A group of young men and women, wearing radio microphones, are locked in a 'house', with video cameras on them 24 hours a day. There are even video cameras in the toilets. Audiences tune in to watch the 'house mates' eat, sleep, chat, argue, and shower. (Something ) The 'house mates' are also given tasks, which vary from the mundane to party games to spice things up. Who would possibly want to do this? I was amazed to find that Series Three had over 30,000 applicants wanting to be 'house mates'.

Australian censorship laws govern what can and can't be shown on Australian television, so the live shows are broadcast with a 30 second delay. All unacceptable nudity, slander, sexual and/or racial comments are cut out. However, there's been no cut in the episodes of Big Brother:Uncut. That's the why all the fuss is about.

Personally, I never agree a television show's success if it can't be watched with all the members of the family. But, it is strange that when Aussie parents (who never care about their children - do NO supervision of their kids!) condemn this show!!

The producers of the Big Brother have apologised for the 'inconvenience to the parents', Channel Ten says, 'the show will go on!"

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