May 27, 2005

Year of Einstein 2005

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Don't know why Mr. Einstein is occupying most of this blog space nowdays. Incidentally, I discovered (??!!) that 2005 is celebrated worldwide as "Einstein Year" - commemorating his 100th Anniversary of the publication of his revolutionary theories. And also, this year for the same reason is obeserved as "World Year of Physics"

In 1905 Albert Einstein (he was just 26) published three papers and changed physics and the way we understand our world. He is not the one who does the experiments on the lab. On the other hand, he used to contemplate the theories in mind! One hundred years on Einstein Year is celebrating the excitement and diversity of physics today. A range of events and activities will bring the fascination of physics to audiences of all ages, throughout the UK and Ireland during 2005.

Find out more about his awesome ideas...  Einstein Year is the UK & Ireland's celebration of the 100th anniversary of the papers and is a whole year of activities that will get you fired up about physics.  Einstein Year is part of World Year of Physics

These are some of the interesting facts, I came across there.

"If the Sun were the size of a beach ball then Jupiter would be the size of a golf ball and the Earth would be as small as a pea."

"Astatine is an element so rare that if you searched the entire planet you'd only find a lump the size of a sugar cube."

"A TV screen shows 24 pictures a second. Because a fly sees 200 images a second, it would see TV as still pictures with darkness in between."

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