May 4, 2005

Story #2: Help Others!


Once upon a time, there lived a wise, old man who led a peaceful life aloof in top of a hill. Obviously, he was the oldest in the village and was having a great deal of practical wisdom. The people who lived in the seashore village had good respect for him and never disturbed his life.
On a festival occasion, all the villagers were gathered in the beach to celebrate with music and dance. Suddenly, the ocean waves retreated back into the sea exposing more beach and sand. The people were suddenly felt happy that water has receded to give them more space to live.
The wise old man who saw this retreat from the hilltop suddenly remembered his forefathers' advice. When, the sea retreated last, it resulted in a series of huge Tsunami waves, which washed away the entire village. He started making noise, but no one could listen to his voice from the distance. There was no time to come down and take the people.
Suddenly, the old man set fire to his home. By seeing the fire and smoke, sensing some danger for the old man, the people rushed towards the hilltop to save the old man's life.
The people were saved by a narrow margin when Tsunami waves hit the shore.


Moral of the Story: Always help others; eventually you will help yourselves.

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