May 1, 2005

Story #1. Change IT

Once upon a time, there was a prosperous country. A strange tradition was practiced in their kingdom. When their King reaches his old age (Age 90 to be precise), the citizens would transport the king (Retitrement?!) using a boat to a nearby desert island across the ocean. Without anything to eat, the king would evevtually die.

So, every King will be very happy at the early part of their luxurious life. As they cross they age 70, they would begin to worry a lot about the desert island, so it would further degrade their health. Some kings would not survive enough till age 90.

Then, there came a King. He used to be unusally happy all the time. Even after he crossed 70, 80 he was very happy. The day came after his 90th birthday. The citizens asked their king to board in a boat, the boat took the king to the island.

To their amazement, they found.... NOT a desert island. It looked like a paradise on earth. YES! The King had meticulously prepared the island to become a luxury 'retirement resort' in the last 30 years. He had changed the most unlivable island into a heaven.

Thus, the King lived happily in the island till his wish.

Moral of Story: If you don't like a thing, CHANGE IT! (There's NO use in WORRYING)

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