May 3, 2005

Searching the Future!

Why Google is a phenomenon. Why Yahoo, MSN and others are actively spending billions and sweating out to improve their search engines.

Because, searching will drive the future. Let me tell why I think so.

Information revolution? Gone. Information overload. That's also over. Information burial is happening, now. You are choked to death by information.

Imagine the World Wide Web as a thick, dark jungle. No one knows how big the forest is. You are provided with only a small torch to find a way. Obviously, you will want to a better torch, with more power, more coverage.

Got the analogy? Search Engines will be like torch. Whoever can throw more light to show you the "Right Path" will win the competition.

There will be a day, when you will search your car keys in Google.

Feeling Lucky? May be!

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