May 4, 2005

Reading and Myself!

Books... are my lifeline! They are like oxygen to me.
From childhood, I am interested in reading whatever I get.. even a small piece of paer..
I read this in a book,

"You will be the same person you are today
in five year's time except the persons
you meet and books you read!"
- Charlie T Jones
(I will talk about books in this edition, persons - a big story, will span to many editions)
So, books - I could not remember any day without reading something.
Subject? I read A to Z, everything under the sun, above the sun and around the sun ;-)

Have you had Donald J Trump, Bill Gates, Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch as your teachers?
I have them as my mentors. I consult them to solve my day-to-day problems. They answer me too..!

Yes, Books are my teachers, mentors!

I find it comfortable to read books, I enjoy this so much.

I read less fiction. If I read, I read only good fiction which provokes my imagination like Life of Pi, Harry Potter etc.

Remember, "Reading will build YOU!"

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