May 21, 2005

Photographer Of The Year

Photography is another interesting subject for me (what is not?)! So, here's a competition for the title "Photographer Of The Year 2005" from Popular Photography magazine.

Already the top 10 photographers have been short-listed. Now, it's our turn to look at them and judge their skills. You could see their portfolios here. Identity is concealed, so vote by the photographer's number. You could also see the (current) standings. Not a surprise, there is an Indian entry. Guess which one. Ok, let me tell you. He is Sharad Haksar.  You might have seen his advertisements. I am not in favour of Indianism, so I am not going to request you to vote for an India. Be a judge for yourself! All votes must be cast by noon, May 31. Go and vote!

Copyrights of the published photos rests with the photographer. If you are interested in knowing more about his works, you may visit his webpages.

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