May 5, 2005

The NOKIA revolution!

I glanced through this book: The Nokia Revolution

Nokia, started as a small company - revolutionising an industry.

Thankfully, this success story NOT made in America!


The Nokia Revolution

(The Story of an Extraordinary Company that transformed an Industry)
Author: Dan Stanbock

June, 1999 Newsweek headlines state " The Future is Finnish". Reason, Nokia – a Finland company had emerged as global powerhouse in mobile communication.

Traditionally, Finland's economy depended on forest resources (Do you know, still Finland is the most forested country in the world!).

So, no wonder NOKIA started as a forestry based company making wood pulp, paper, ply wood.

Then it moved into leather business.

Finally, stormed into the mobile business and now it is the leader.

Finland is now termed as "Wireless Valley".

There are broadly two business divisions in cellular industry. One is infrastructure i.e, base station and switches and second is Mobile terminals or handsets. Nokia, from earlier days concentrated on both of these divisions and hence has a bigger understanding as a whole.

NOKIA owes a lot to its CEO "Jorma Jaako Ollila" -fondly referred by his people "J.O" who made NOKIA as a global leader!

Nokia has recently stepped into the mobile gaming device sector with their N-Gage console.

If you are joining NOKIA, you will receive a welcome kit from none other than the CEO which reads as follows,

"To You from J.O.

NOKIA's way of operating
- Connecting People

NOKIA unites people,
In Open, Honest Co-operation.
It offers Equal Opportunities.
To develop Skills and Know-hows.

NOKIA unites people,
All over the World,
by manafacturing Innovative
Products and Solutions

NOKIA's goal is customer satisfaction.

The more you will do for NOKIA,
The more NOKIA will do for you"

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