May 12, 2005

Lotus, My Favourite!

Which is your favourite flower?

If you ask me, I won't hesitate a second - It's Lotus!

Such a fascinating, pure flower.

I have seen lotus flowers in temple ponds, lakes, dirty mud, but, they radiate such a sense of energy and vigour in their colour.

And also, irrespective of their surroundings, they are beautiful, always. We, the human beings also should be like this, I feel, Unique, distinct, special - not affected by surroundings!

Also, the water droplets running on the lotus leaves.. they teach a million story.. if you are attached your desires like "water-drops-on-lotus-leaf", you will not be addicted anything!

So, It gives me immense pleasure to just watch!!
(Here's a show of lotus Courtesy:
You can find an animated version of a lotus in a pond there!

Be Happy! Celebrate Life!!
(this is a copyrighted signature of my friend, Pradeep!)

See you,

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