May 17, 2005

Going Green!

Montreal Protocol (1987) (fully known as Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer) was an adopted in the consequence of the discovery of ozone hole over Antarctic in 1985. Then later, an amendment was made and an agreement was formed which is Kyoto Protocol, which tends to reduce not only Ozone depletion agents but also general greenhouse gas emissions. This was to avoid possible major climate changes – as you saw in "The Day After Tomorrow". So, Montreal Protocol was a solution to a specific, where as Kyoto Protocol is generic.

Now, 141 countries till date have ratified (adopted in principle,) KP, but not all have signed. The exclusions include USA, Australia. In effect, the Kyoto Protocol requires the world's developed countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 5% from 1990 levels by 2008-2010. Strangely, Australia is most suffering country because of the world's emissions. Many Australians get sunburnt (skin cancer) every day (at least in clear, summer days). It is common that every day Australian weather bulletin includes Ultra Violet Radiation Index.

This document lists the issues on the obstacles for the agreement. It costs much to reduce the emissions. You can see the cost spent and the amount of effect (reduction in temperature) here. Unless, we shift our energy sources to Hydrogen, Solar, and Wind powers (clean energy)– we will not be able to achieve the standards set by UNEP.

As a person, what you can do? Here's the list! (I know I am bothering you with lots of stuff. But, it's all for good!) Try to reduce fossil fuel based energy sources. If you could, walk instead of a motor vehicle. For example, when I was asked to choose between conventional electricity (produced by burning fossil fuels) and green electricity (by clean energy sources). I (in fact, our inmates, We!) chose Green Electricity (20% from Wind & 80% from Hydro) which costs 1 AUD$ extra per week. I think we can make a positive difference (however small it might be!).

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