May 28, 2005

The Ghost and the Darkness

Yesterday, I saw this movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" (Yes, I am too late to see this wonderful movie!). I have heard this is such a good film in the Men Vs. Beast cadre. Like the recent Hindi movie, Kaal (Is it good?).

Set in East Africa, the story is about a British Engineer taking an extra-ordinary task of building a bridge in 6 months in very unfriendly conditions. Then, there are these lions – man-eaters – who leisurely hunt the workers (mostly Indians and Africans) not for their food but for fun– Our own Ompuri has acted as group leader. Those two lions "The Ghost and the Darkness" as per the African legend, slaughter the mankind to drive them away from the construction site. With a firm will, our Engineer says, "I will kill the lions and build the bridge!" Micheal Douglas joins hands as the professional hunter.

It is a real story – it says "the most incredible parts of the film are only real". Very captivating one – it will bring you to the edge of your seat!!

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