May 20, 2005

Don’t say a word!

I would be fascinated by advertisements. Print Ads, Television Ads. Particularly, I would like to mention the logos. It is indeed a big challenge to make a statement with a small logo. My personal favourites are National Geographic (An Axe symbolising the quest for eternal discovery), Nike (Just motivates you do it!), TATA logo (symbolising a fountain of knowledge and could also be viewed as a tree symbolising the trust).

And there are some logos where the message is hidden, may be you sub-consciously notice that. For example, the logo of FedEx – the courier company. I have seen this logo at least 100 times (Probably, you also). Have you noticed something unusual? Have you seen a hidden arrow in that? Just click the logo to make it large and see it now! Could not find 'that arrow'? Let me tell you how. Between E and X. Could you figure it. Yes! I wondered how it could be so subtle, whether it was accidental? The creator of logos has told that it is such a intentional act to keep the 'forward moving arrow' in a courier company which delivers the statement. When the logo was designed, it is the CEO (out of the all other big shots of company) caught it first!

Some other logos include Have you seen an arrow connecting 'a' and 'z' meaning 'we sell A to Z!'

Fascinating, isn't it?


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