May 9, 2005

Apples are Falling!

Have you ever imagined of being like Newton, or Edison or Einstein?
Have you ever experienced the joy of discovery. That you have discovered
something truly wonderful?

Let's start with the bigger picture.Think of the discoveries made in earlier days (Once upon a time)!
Whatever you come across will be a new discovery. A stone, tree, animal..Ooh..
discovering something would've been never be like a 5 year PhD work!!

I think the discoveries are done within the mind. Just think of Newton.

How many apples fell (falling, will fall) on the ground before he
thought of the gravity question.
So, the things are happening as usual. We, the poor human beings
remain dumb until one day.. one among a 'NEW' thing.
How beautiful the moment will be to find that you've discovered the truth.

I (We) also discover things daily in the smaller scale. I feel a sudden
surge of happiness when I discover a new friend in my life. Or, if you
know that a person (whom you love) is having same affection for you.
That will be the discovery of your life!

So, what's the point. 'The apples are falling'. We are not 'listening'.

Still many of the questions like, "Who created this Universe? (If it is
from Big-Bang, who created that?)", "What for?", "Is there life exist
away?" etc could be answered if we open up and listen.

Many of us , keep a closed mind and
want answers within a point of view.
The universe (or life) is too big to be fit into a point of view.

I take support of today's zen story also to express this!!

(Am I too philosophical? I don't worry or do I)



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Anonymous said...

Good view on the long forgotten heroes.