April 14, 2005

Will this happen in India

It’s always natural for an outsider to look and wonder at things like this, “Will this happen in India?” Three such incidents: One day, morning while I was preparing to leave to the University – we had experienced a power cut for 30 minutes. Evening while watching the television news, the 30 minutes power cut has made into the top stories with some industries are going to sue for the damages caused by the power cut. Another day, I came to the bus stop and I found that the glass panels of the bus stop (on which advertisements will be displayed) fully broken into pieces. While coming from the University in the evening about 4 o clock, I found no traces of any glass pieces. And a brand new glass panels with the same advertisement were standing! Another one, as a part of our Integrated Bridging Programme for Research Students – a Student-Supervisor (Note the title – NOT Supervisor – Student workshop!) workshop – a kind of Ice-breaking Session - was organised. We had a very good snacks and discussion with our supervisors, arguing about the expectations and roles of student and the supervisors. It was fun, insightful. Well, its up to you decide that will this happen in India.

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