April 17, 2005

Thank You!

One day, while I was waiting for the bus (it always happens to me?) with Anand, an old lady got down from the bus opposite and crossed road, came straight to me. I thought she is going to ask help so, I leaned over to hear what she is going to say. She asked, 'are you using a concession ticket?'. I said 'yes'. She gave me a bus ticket, and told, ' this ticket is valid for next 2 hours, so you can use it!', and went. I was wondering, wondering, oh. god, I didn't even say 'Thank you!' - Big lesson, I learnt that day!! (It is disgusting because, Australians use more "Thank You" than any other people!)

Ok, Enjoy your life, and say "Thank you" whenever you can! Thanks for reading, God bless you!!

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