April 12, 2005

More than Desert Continent

I came across a wonderful coffee table book " The Great South Land". It's full of Panographs (a special kind of photographs which are wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide! angled). You can see lot of them in the photographer’s website http://www.kenduncan.com. It presents some stunning photographs of what I thought a " desert land". In fact, its amazing and unbelievable, the government promotes the tourism - such that you will never know that it is a desert continent. They say, if it's heaven on earth it IS HERE! IT IS RIGHT HERE!!!. So, every state has a tagline, for example South Australia - The Festival State. It is embossed in all the Vehicle Registration Plates. I used to wonder and curious about the other state's tagline - what it might be. I found the answer, when I was looking this book casually. I will tell you the story of Festival State (where I live) little later. So, here's the list!

Western Australia - The Golden Sate.
Queensland - The Sunshine State
New South Wales - The First State
Victoria* - The Garden State
Northern Territory - The Outback
Tasmania - The Holiday Isle

Funny, I thought if we could coin some names for our Indian states. let's try. Bihar - The Corrupted State, Andhra - The Poverty State, Gujarat - The Rebel State, Maharashtra - The Dada's State, Kerala - The Green State, Tamil Nadu - The Cinema State, Karnataka - The Sandal State, Kashmir - The Terrorist State. Apologise me, just I have given some word for each state without even thinking. If you could come up with better ones, we could together write to "Incredible India" tourism promotional programme and MAKE money, OK?

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