April 16, 2005

Media Stories in Australia/India

The media stories, which make it to the headlines, are all personal. I mean all the stories are of individual life, which is very strange from India. I often think why there is a big change. Because, there is no issue needs to be discussed, no problem with Government, No problem with Society (everyone knows it!). So, hardly any stories those appeal to the mass (Indian mass?)..I am sorry, the people like to read about stories of individuals

On the contrary, we, Indians (are we?) always except some accidents, scandals.. etc on the front pages of our dailys - otherwise you think you are gone mad!

Is tha becasue, the media serves the bad news or we are inclined to reading bad news? Debatable issue!

I could not confidently say, anyday on which an Indian newspaper will carry a positive story on front page!

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