April 15, 2005

The F1 fever

It’s a strange fact that all the major sport events start their campaign from Australia – First Cricket match of the year, First Grand slam, and First F1 race – just because – December – Jan will be summer in Australia. (Do you know that Australia celebrates Christmas in summer NOT in winter as in the rest of the world!!) So, we decided to watch the Melbourne F1 race match. I was not interested in watching F1 race because of the sheer noise and the monotonous nature (same track for 50 laps? crazy!). This time, I decided to try because of two reasons – Just to understand what’s this fuss all about F1 (Andy was my commentator) and curiosity about Narain Karthikeyan! What I understood from them – is F1 is more than a single-man’s- ability to drive faster. It’s all about teamwork, strategy with unexpected turns and twists etc. I watched hardly for few minutes – listening to some of the historic strategies of Ferrari team and that of Schumacher! I checked out only a couple of times to know the final standings. But, may be there’s lot more to learn from F1 – if you want to learn about strategy, management and application!

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