March 29, 2005

Life of Pi: An Incredible Journey!

I do not read Fiction. So far, only 4 novels, I have read, "Rage of Angels" (wonderful!), "Bloodline" and "Abduction" by Robin Cook and listened to "Life of Pi" recently! I have heard much about this Booker Prize winning work of Yann Martel, But Life of Pi ý When I heard the audio book I was amazed by the breathtaking journey of a 16-year-old Indian boy with a Bengal tiger, after a tragic sinking of a cargo ship. Its truly stunning, delightful experience of reading. Still, the images of lifeboat and the flying fishes, the zebra, hyena, orang-utan are lingering in my mind. And that unbelievable sand less island ý composed of algae and trees and mea cats! In this a character says, ýThis is a story which will make you believe in the existence of God!ý True, this is beyond human comprehension and belief that this boy could survive for more than 200 days in the company of wild animals in the Pacific! It is the triumph of human spirit (with the blessings of God) against all the odds. I also heard that Manoj N Shyamalan is writing a screenplay to direct this as his next film, Is that true? If you are going to read, you might find hard to put this down! Can a reader reasonably ask for anything more? Strongly Recommended!

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