March 29, 2005

Information: Who wants it?

Do you agree that the value of information is declining. For example, we have easy access (often free) to information which once, we needed to pay for it (The accuracy of the information is a different matter!). So, we often bombarded with these information wave - baffling us to choose which is useful and which is useless. So, information is cheap, abundant. If you start giving information, no one will listen to you. Imagine, you go and tell in an interview that I know all the facts and figures and formulae etc. Will you get a job, you bet, you WOULD NOT! Because, the so-called vital information which you memorized in the schools, colleges are a mere WASTE. So, what next?

Ideas. Your Ideas. Opinions. Your Opinions. These are the valuables you should develop and preserve. You have to absorb the information and develop your own views / ideas on that. If you write in an exam whatever is given in the textbook, what value YOU are adding. Think, Try to be original!

The popularity of Blogs - such a nice example. Everyone wants to express their own ideas, views, opinions and thoughts. Others just love to read about you, they want to see YOU in your writings!

So, Think on YOUR OWN!

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