March 24, 2005

Fahrenheit 9/11

Yesterday, I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 an amazing documentary behind the September 11 attack and George W Bush administration style. Earlier, when I came to Australia, when I told them I am from South India. Immediately, they expressed their sorrow for the Tsunami, and asked patiently how we could deal with that disaster. And the money, which poured in from all of the other parts of the planet, is another example for people's care. Everyone in remote corners of the world knows the pain and sorrow. People do not hate each other.

So, it's crystal clear people love each other, no matter what their country of origin is. An American never hates an African or an Australian never sees an Indian as enemy. Recently, I met an American student in my University who told me she is an American. Immediately, she reiterated "Do NOT hate me as I am from America, I am also against George Bush!" (I didn't ask anything!).

Who is responsible for September 11 attack? A nation of innocent people from Middle Asia or A few unscrupulous, anti-social elements who did not value human lives? Who is responsible for Iraq Bombings and torture of millions of Muslims now? America or Bush & co? (Where are the weapons of Mass Destruction, Mr Bush?)

What do the individuals want to prove? That they are Great? It takes less than a second to lose your life in the nature. Big Dreams, Big Egos, Big Things .. Comes to NOTHING against the will of Mother Nature

So, we can conclude that, the acts of war, terrorism are created by some individuals with a few obedient men around them (who execute). But, the losers? Innocent men, women, children..Do you feel for them? Write if you any different views!

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