February 19, 2005

Who do you have?

I saw an advertisement campaign while roaming at Sydney Airport. It
said like this, "Hillary had Tenzing" explaining how difficult it
would've been for Hillary to scale the peaks of Everest, without the
help of Tenzing who gave vital information, local knowledge etc. In
the same way, you would a need a very effective partner in your vital
missions. It ends with a punchline "Who do you have?". Very thought
provoking. I used to think, I am good at everything and believe in
doing all the things myself. I found satisfaction in doing a job
myself rather than leaving it to others. I never wanted to delegate
work to anyone. I had changed this mindset a few years ago in my
workplace. It was an amazing change. From then onwards, I could find
and entrust jobs to the persons who could excel in his own department,
better than me. So, Going to find a home? Find a broker, tell your
specifications, he will find a good house! Investing, Travelling why
.. education..? So, it is important to leave some jobs to the
experts..they will really do a good job! So, in my Australian
Education Mission..I had IDP (Ashwini!) with me.. Who do you have?

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