February 12, 2005

Start Cooking!

February 12 was the day we moved into our new home. Within an hour, we
started cooking.. Obviously, Andy was screaming and excited about our
cooking..(he was shouting.."we are cooking..we are cooking."). Stop,
Who is Andy? Since, there are two Anands, we named the IDP Anand as
Andy! We said to him Andrew Symonds in the Australian Team is called
'Andy'. He finally convinced and agreed with us - after we told Andrew
Groove who is regarded as the father of the silicon valley is also
nicknamed 'Andy'! Ganesh and the other Anand were also excited about
cooking.. I had been cooking so long.. so I let the guys enjoy their
experience by just telling what to do..

We cooked Chapati, cooked chicken (ready to eat) in the oven. We
prepared Veg. Biriyani (Thanks for your IDP booklet, it
helped..then..we referred to the Anand's (not Andy!) sister's
notebook also!). It came perfect, except the salt. It was too less.
(later, I came to know that the sugar and salt, what we get here are
NOT as intensive as we use.. so, we need to use twice the amount..!).
With apple juice, chapati, veg. biriyani, chicken our lunch was ready!
(We took pictures too...using Anand's PhoneCam.). So, we were excited
and enjoyed while having our first lunch.

The place were we stay, Enfield and Prospect is home for most of the
Indians! It is almost a huge Indian Colony - we often meet few people
on the road / or in an old 1000$ car! The seniors advised us where to
get Sambar Dhal, Sona Masoori Rice, Mustard, Pickles, and other indian
stuff etc... there is an Indian Store..where we can almost get and
India, here! And also, if go at the late hours - that is just before
closing time - you can get vegetables,, fruits very cheap also.. a
kilo of apple for 90 cents.. bread for 50 cents etc..(Do NOT convert
them into Indian Rupees.. though..) usually it is 2.5 dollars for a Kg
apple and 1.60 cents for bread!

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